Details: GCFRP (2019-2024) (Ghana Cocoa-Forest REDD+ Programme)

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Parameter Abbreviation Amount Unit Supporting Documents
AccountingPeriod APyears 5 years
Reference Level Emissions and Enhancements over the Accounting Period
Reference Level Deforestation Emissions CDeforREL 27,742,399.00 tCO2e
Reference Level Degradation Emissions CDegradREL 17,506,267.00 tCO2e
Reference Level Enhancements CEnhancREL 139,172.00 tCO2e
Reported Emissions and Enhancements During the Accounting Period
Reported Deforestation CDeforREP 0.00 tCO2e
Annual Reported Degradation CDegradREP -33,720.00 tCO2e
Reported Enhancements CEnhanceREP 125,020.00 tCO2e
Uncertainty Deductions During the Accounting Period
Uncertainty Deforestation Emissions Udefor 0.00 tCO2e
Uncertainty Degradation Emissions Udegrad 2,630,998.05 tCO2e
Uncertainty Enhancements UEn -2,122.80 tCO2e
Uncertainty Buffer Account BAun 2,628,875.25 tCO2e
Reported Emission Reductions During the Accounting Period ERs 42,667,662.75 tCO2e
Reversals Deductions During the Accounting Period
Reversal Buffer Account Deduction (total) BArev 8,533,532.55 tCO2e
Emission Reductions Available for Sale During the Accounting Period
ERs to be Transferred to Holding Account HA 34,134,130.20 tCO2e
Data from the Approved Reference Level and Program Documentation
Annual Reference Level Deforestation Emissions CDeforREL/yr 5,548,479.00 tCO2e/yr
Annual Reference Level Degradation Emissions CDegradREL/yr 3,501,253.00 tCO2e/yr
Annual Reference Level Enhancements CEnhancREL/yr 27,834 tCO2e/yr
Uncertainty Deforestation (percent) UNdefn% 0.00 percent
Uncertainty Degradation (percent) Udegrad% 15.00 percent
Uncertainty Removals (percent) UEn% 15.00 percent
Buffer Account Reversal (percent) BArev% 20.00 percent
Data Collected During the Accounting Period
Reported Deforestation CDeforREP/yr 0.00 tCO2e/yr
Annual Reported Legal Logging Emissions CDegradREP(LTH) -7,482.00 tCO2e/yr
Annual Reported Illegal Logging Emissions CDegradREP(ITH) 0.00 tCO2e/yr
Annual Reported Fuelwood Emissions CDegradREP(FW) 0.00 tCO2e/yr
Annual Reported Forest Fire Emissions CDegradREP(F) 738.00 tCO2e/yr
Annual Reported On-Reserve Plantation Program Enhancements CEnhanceREP(ON) 20,342.00 tCO2e/yr
Annual Reported Off-Reserve Plantation Program Enhancements CEnhanceREP(OFF) 4,662.00 tCO2e/yr
Double Counting over the Accounting Period DC 0.00 tCO2e
Formulae used to calculate the above
Calculation 1ERs = (CDeforREL – CDeforREP – Udefor) + (CDegradREL – CDegradREP - Udegrad) + (CEnhancREL – CEnhancREP – UEn) – DC
Calculation 2CDeforREL = CDeforREL/yr x APyears
Calculation 3CDegradREL = CDegradREL/yr x APyears
Calculation 4CEnhancREL = CEnhancREL/yr x APyears
Calculation 5 Udefor = (CDeforREL - CDeforREP) x UNdefn%
Calculation 6Udegrad = (CDegradREL-CDegradREP) x Udegrad%
Calculation 7UEn = (CEnhancREP - CEnhancREL) x UEn%
Calculation 8CDegradREP = (CDegradREP(LTH) + CDegradREP(ITH) + CDegradREP(FW) + CDegradREP(F)) x APyears
Calculation 9CEnhancREP = (CEnhancREP(ON) + CEnhancREP(OFF)) x APyears
Calculation 10CDeforREP = CDeforREP/yr x APyears
Calculation 11BAun = UNdefn + Udegrad + UEn
Calculation 12BArev = ER x BArev%
Calculation 13HA = ER-BArev